Published 01/09/2021 by Rebecca Nichols

With a rich history going back thousands of years, bracelets have symbolized many things including wealth, status, power and beauty. Today, bracelets are mostly worn as a form of self expression, but that makes them no less stylish. Here are five types of bracelets that’ll spice up your wardrobe.


A bangle is a special kind of closed inflexible bracelet large enough to slip over the widest part of your hand. Bangles come in many styles, widths and materials, so you can find one to match any fashion style. Thick bangles are great for wearing alone, while thinner bangles are perfect for stacking.


While a cuff bracelet may look like a bangle at first glance, cuffs have an opening along the side. This lets you get a snug fit by allowing you to slide the bracelet over the side of your wrist before rotating it into place. With a variety of designs and materials with everything from precious metals to leather, cuff bracelets are popular among both men and women.

Stackable Bracelets

Unlike the other bracelets on this list, stackable bracelets are not a specific type of bracelet, but rather a way of wearing bracelets. Whether you want to build your stack from scratch or go with an already matched set, bracelets of all types can be mixed and matched to show off your personal style and interests.

Stretch Bracelets

Like their name suggests, stretch bracelets use an elastic cord or similar material that can expand to fit over your wrist. Stretch bracelets are made with a wide range of colorful beads and gemstones, making it easy to find fashionable pieces to match your outfit.

Tennis Bracelets

While wearing a string of gems around your wrist looks luxurious, tennis bracelets aren’t just for formal occasions. Tennis bracelets are comfortable enough to be worn for everything from going out with friends, running errands, and yes, even playing tennis. Fun fact: originally known as a diamond line bracelet, the name tennis bracelet was popularized when tennis champion, Chris Evert, stopped a match to look for her lost bracelet.

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