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Looking for a go-to everyday bracelet? A tennis bracelet from Jedora is an ideal accessory to add a modern, yet minimal touch.

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A must for every woman? Uh, yes. Whether dressing up or dressing down, tennis bracelets are a simple and versatile piece that every woman needs in her corner. Don't have one? Get one. Jedora offers modern tennis bracelets for everyday wear - check them out!

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

Ready, set, match! There's no denying that a good tennis bracelet matches just about anything. But where does it get its name from? During the 1987 U.S. Open, Chris Evert (a tennis champion) lost her diamond bracelet. To the shock of everyone, she paused the match to look for it. Since then, we affectionately refer to the narrow chain-like bracelet as a tennis bracelet.

Which hand do I wear my tennis bracelet on?

Honestly, there isn't a right answer. A general rule of thumb is to wear your tennis bracelet on the opposite hand. Not for fashion reasons, but for functionality reasons. Tennis bracelets are usually worn loose, so you want to minimize the chances of it falling off while using your dominant hand to perform most of your tasks.

How should I wear my tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are very versatile. Going out to grab coffee with the girls? Throw on that tennis bracelet to add a little sparkle to your tee and jeans combo. Or maybe you want to look a bit more formal? Tennis bracelets can be used to elevate any look and are appropriate for any occasion!

You want to wear your tennis bracelet a little loose so it can move freely on your arm. But not too loose! You don't want to risk it slipping off your wrist, so watch out. Standard rule: you should be able to fit one finger between your arm and the bracelet - that'll make sure your go-to is safe!

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