Published 01/09/2021 by Rebecca Nichols

Layering your bracelets gives you the perfect opportunity to grow your collection and showcase your favorite pieces. Get in on the trend of bracelet stacking and unlock endless possibilities with these three easy steps.

1. Start with your statement piece.

Get your stack started by choosing a bracelet to be the focus point. To create the most emphasis, consider choosing a piece that provides contrast to the rest of your stack by varying the width, thickness, texture, shape or color from the rest of your stack.

2. Add more bracelets to either side.

Continue building up your stack by adding additional bracelets around your statement piece. These can be whatever you like, so experiment with combining a variety of styles such as bangle, cuff, chain or tennis bracelets. For even more visual interest, play with colors by mixing metals or including colorful gemstones such as your birthstone.

3. Strike a balance without going overboard.

Bracelet stacks are very eye catching, so it’s important to consider your entire look to keep from looking too busy. Keep your look harmonious by coordinating all your jewelry within a common theme and plan on keeping your other jewelry simple if you want to pile on the bracelets.

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