White Gold Jewelry

White gold jewelry: your layering hero from Jedora. This versatile shade makes it easy to mix and match with the jewelry you already own.

Shop White Gold Jewelry from Jedora

White gold jewelry from Jedora isn't just icing on the cake. Said to have a whiter shine than silver, white gold jewelry might be the thing you need to brighten up your style. After all, it can't hurt to shake things up from the standard yellow gold trend.

When paired with gemstones, white gold jewelry lends an extra sparkle to their color. Whether it's a cool colored stone like tourmaline or sapphire or something with a bit more fire like ruby or citrine, white gold will not disappoint. Even diamonds get that extra push towards being more brilliant than ever before.

Styling with White Gold Jewelry

The trick with white gold jewelry is to not go overboard. We know… it's not easy. But some white gold chandelier earrings with a simple pendant is plenty of sparkle to keep you in the spotlight. If earrings aren't your things, a white gold ring or bracelet is just as dazzling. You might not wear all your white jewelry pieces at the same time. But that doesn't mean that you can't have some in the lineup. Who knows when you'll want to change it up for the next event?

Wearing white gold jewelry will look good with most colors, but neutral colors are always a winner. A little black dress and a few white gold pieces work hard to feature the main attraction: you! After all, your jewelry is there to work for you, making sure you get the attention you deserve.

And the only thing as good as owning white gold jewelry? Giving it as a gift! White gold engagement rings are the perfect thing to present when you get down on one knee. And even after years of loving someone, a white gold anniversary gift is sure to melt hearts. With a pure white shine that's durable, white gold jewelry shows how pure and strong true love can be.

Classy and elegant, white gold jewelry is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. After all, don't you deserve jewelry that shines as bright as you? Shop white gold jewelry at Jedora and find rings, necklaces, earrings, and more that are sure to light up a room.

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